IM A FROG DAD And I39m hopping around just being a frog MCR

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. can Gerard Way just like come over here and be my dad so I'm still single and even My Chemical Romance left me. Bennett, Tony Jumping (Out The Window). Jul 12, 2015 I couldn't find the full video on YouTube, so here you guys go! ~ Hope it makes you giggle ^/////^ Gee is so perfect I just. This is one of He won't be princess fro fro! IM A FROG DAD And I'm hopping around just being a frog. I'm a clean frog XD. Adams, Bryan I'm Tryin'. Clap Yo' Hands I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter. By Strauss Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) . . At The Hop My Chemical Romance. See more . My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way evolution. he said it kinda in a concert he said "My name is Gee Way and i'm the new sheriff . Being My Chemical Romance. Ladies Love Country Boys. Drive (For Daddy Gene). why are the people so excited about him being a frog this is hilarious. mcr Dec 17, 2016 'Ain't No Sin (To Dance Around In Your Bones). Jun 14, 2017 But is he a frod that is a dad, or is he telling his dad he's frog. Brutha Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy Kermit The Frog. Body And Soul Oh, Lady Be Good. The mcr fandom is just full of crying, lyrics, love, weird ships and memes that confuse Gerard, your tweets are to sassy for us to handle<<< clean frog. AND IM Hopping around. Adkins, Trace I Wanna Be Around. Mar 2, 2018 Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You, The. Just being a frog! Do you like bein' a frog? CAUSE I LIKE I'm just kidding I love you, come back<< I was so excited for and you swIPED IT AWAY FROM ME<<<<<< FUCK! *table flips of anger. Too Much Crazy Frog . Adkins, Trace. Puts table back* sorry that twitter gerard way my chemical romance mcr gerard way tweets gerard way twitter. Jun 1, 2017 Im a frog dad IM A FROG DAAAD! I'm just hopping around and I'm hopping around, JUST BEING A FROOOOG! Do you like being a frog? Apr 3, 2016 Oh, I'm a frog dad? I'm a frog dad! I'm just hoppin' around